Terry Raff
The Singing Mountain Man
Pure entertainment from America's roots

Mixing his 20 years of experience as a teacher with his talent as a musical entertainer, Terry combines slides, songs and stories to offer a unique variety of presentations. Several of his well developed shows are listed below. Contact Terry and Barbara if you're looking for a presentation on a topic not listed below. All of Terry's shows are family-oriented and family-friendly.

The Singing Mountain Man show - 90 minutes
Terry sings the old-time songs with a sprinkling of the contemporary, including cowboy, all-time favorites, gospel, patriotic, and classic country. The show includes poetry, stories and slide shows selected from below.

  • Strawberry Roan with Will James Story
  • Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  • Cool Water
  • Ghost Riders
  • Back in the Saddle
  • El Paso
  • Red River Valley
  • Streets of Laredo
  • High Noon
  • Home on the Range
  • Man Walks Among Us
  • Cowboy Logic
  • When the Work's All Done This Fall
  • The Last Cowboy Song
  • Where the Ponies Come to Drink
  • Panhandle Wind
  • Coyote
  • The Cowboy and the Seagull -- poem
  • Snowville -- poem
  • Old Shep
  • Preacher and the Bear
  • Silver Haired Daddy
  • Wreck of the Old 97
  • The Green Green Grass of Home
  • The Ballad of Hazel Miner
  • Daddy's Little Girl
  • That Little Boy of Mine
  • After All These Years
  • Springtime in the Rockies
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Love One Another
  • Maria Consuela Arroyo
  • Irish (Galway Bay, Sligo - poem,
  • My Wild Irish Rose, Ireland)

    Patriotic Songs
  • America for Me - poem, with
      This is My Country
  • Why I Love Her - poem, with
      America the Beautiful
  • Christmas in the Trenches
  • Ballad of the Alamo
(Terry performs many other songs without slides)
Lewis and Clark Slide Show - 90 minutes minimum
90-minute narrated historical slide show with 200 images. The Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-1806 was an epic event in America's history. Terry tells what others do not: God's role in its success. He recounts many miracles that occurred, why the Louisiana Purchase was a miracle itself, and why only one man died when they ALL could have died! Learn why the Expedition was critical to America's destiny.
Slide Show Tributes to Roy Rogers and Marty Robbins - 90 minutes

Roy Rogers tribute includes songs King of the Cowboys and Happy Trails, with life story of Leonard Slye (Roy Rogers) and Francis Octavia Smith (Dale Evans). All with slides. (20 min)

Marty Robbins tribute includes slides of his life story and songs Marty sang: Man Walks Among Us, El Paso, Strawberry Roan, My Woman My Wife, White Sport Coat, Restless Cattle, Old Red, Master's Call, Saddle Tramp, Big Iron, Running Gun, Cowboy in the Continental Suit, Lonely Old Bunkhouse, The Dreamer. Three with slides. (70 min)

Workshop: Cowboy 101 - 60 - 90 minutes
Fascinating history of the American cowboy and first trail drives, with explanation of cowboy terms, language and equipment as used in song and poetry. Includes six songs, one poem, one story: The Cowboy Song, Goodby to Montana, The Chisholm Trail, Little Joe the Wrangler, The Wagon Tongue, When the Cimarron was Red, Windy Bill, Crossing the Bridge.

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